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English English Japanese will release more than 4 problems a day and more than 130 problems a month out of these 15 kinds of puzzles all newly made, Slitherlink, Nurikabe, Heyawake, Akari, Hitori, Masyu, Shikaku, Hashiwokakero, Numberlink, Yajilin, Shakashaka, Satogaeri, Kakuro, Sudoku and Ripple Effect.

Each puzzle has never been published and is all totally original.

All the problems are made by Nikoli puzzle makers who make puzzles for our main magazine named "Puzzle communication Nikoli" and are edited by Nikoli editors. We are confident that all of the puzzles are very enjoyable and we hope you will enjoy them. web site consists of two parts; "Everybody's page" which can be accessed by anyone and the page which is only for the members. All the new problems are released on the members page, but some will be inserted on the Everybody's page. If you become a member, you will be able to check all the new problems and also save your history. If you have thought about being a member, please check the members page.

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