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Maintenance finished May 18, 2018

About 10 minutes after 05:00 May 18, 2018(UTC).

Due to scheduled maintenance, you could not access to the nikoli.com. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Result of the 292nd nikoli.com Puzzle Championship May 13, 2018

Congratulations! Hazakura-Hazuki won the 292nd puzzle championship! The winner's name is now displayed and will remain on the Champion page of nikoli.com Hall of Fame.

The next puzzle championship will be held from Sun. May 27, 2018 13:00 (UTC). The time trial problem will be a Shikaku puzzle contributed by 36.

Added Nurikabe, Numberlink and Satogaeri puzzles to The pick of the puzzles page May 1, 2018

Most popular Nurikabe, Numberlink and Satogaeri puzzles are available to members. Play them in the members area, in The pick of the puzzles page.

2018's April Fools' page Apr 2, 2018

2018's April Fools' page can be seen here. History of nikoli.com.

Added Botsu Bako problem Feb 16, 2018

bay wolf Jr's Hashiwokakero problem is open to members. Try it out on the Botsu Bako (Extra Special Problems) page in the members area.

About future of nikoli.com Jan 10, 2018

We published a page about future of nikoli.com. Please check this page.

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