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The Nikoli Derby

The Nikoli Derby was developed by nikoli as a party game. It has very simple rules that make it exciting and easy for all, from kids to much older players.

Look here for the results of The Nikoli Derby - 18th world championship.

The Flush and The Straight Flush

"Flush" is a simple and easy game. You just guess and write down the phrases that the most people will imagine.

"Straight Flush" is almost the same as "Flush": write down the five (the number of phrases has increased from four) phrases that popped into your head. And now the order of the five phrases is very important.

Look here for the results of the 1st Straight Flush Game.

The 24 hour janken (janken for 24 hours)

"24 hour janken" was created and developed by nikoli.com. It is a championship with janken (the well known rock-paper-scissors game), which is a popular game among Japanese.

Look here for the results of the 24 hour janken.

The Minority Decides

The Minority Decides is a nikoli original easygoing party game. We will be very happy and not mind it a bit if you use this game at a home party.

Please check the results of the 5th Minority Decides Game.