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New Electricity Generation Method Apr 1, 2010

Enezzle powered for Nikoli

Enezzle is new electricity generating method that converts the feeling of pleasure and excitement when solving puzzles into electric energy, it was developed by the famous pathbreaking puzzle company NIKOLI Co., Ltd., through extended painstaking research and investigation.

When you solve the puzzles in this page, clean and plentiful energy will be generated by the revolutionary Enezzle systems.

We have named this electricity generating system Enezzle because "Enez (えねず)" in Japanese has the double meaning of "power generation" and "consideration", and as the electricity is generated through puzzles. Putting the two words "Enez" and "puzzle" together, they become Enezpuzzle and shortened it is "Enezzle."

The generated electricity will be used by Nikoli to create more new puzzles. The new puzzles will be used for power generation, as you solve them, and the generated power will be used for creating yet more puzzles. The result is a kind of perpetual motion system, kept under control by your puzzle solving powers and energy.


Total Enezzle Generated Electricity for 2010: 13402179696KWh

You are now generating: 4KW

Puzzles for Enezzle

Solutions of the Enezzle puzzles