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Multiplication problems started! Apr 1, 2011 added Ripple Effect as the 13th puzzle recently. On Apr 1, 2011, we are starting to publish multiplication problems. Five problems random selected from 64 problems will appear below.

Enter the solution and push the "Check" button to know your total score. Hope you enjoy our marvelous, carefully selected problems.

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Added Botsu Bako problem Mar 25, 2011

Guten's Akari problem is open to members. Try it out on the Botsu Bako (Extra Special Problems) page in the members area.

Result of the 107th Puzzle Championship May 18, 2011

Congratulations to nyoroppyi! nyoroppyi won the 107th puzzle championship! nyoroppyi's name is now displayed and will remain on the Champion page of Hall of Fame.

The next puzzle championship will be Fri. Apr 8, 13:00 (UTC). We will set 3 kind of problems at the same time.

Maintenance finished Mar 18, 2011

About 14 minutes after 05:00 Mar 18, 2010(UTC).

Due to scheduled maintenance, you could not access to the Sorry for the inconvenience.

Author interviews Vol.23Mar 16, 2011 is a 30-something bachelor. His day job is a computer programmer.

He is great at solving puzzles quickly. He is active in many competitions.

The earthquake impact Mar 14, 2011

Thank you for your concern for us. don't have any serious problem. But the status of the power supply in Japan is unstable. We are sorry when you can't access to our site.

Ripple Effect!! Mar 10, 2011

Sample problems of Ripple Effect puzzle started to release Ripple Effect puzzles in the members area from Mar 10th(JST).

Keep checking what may go and filling in, cell by cell. The feeling of accomplishment when there are no more empty cells!

Added Hitori and Kakuro puzzles to The pick of the puzzles page Mar 1, 2011

Most popular Hitori and Kakuro puzzles are available to members. Play them in the members area, in The pick of the puzzles page.

First round of "Straight Flush" - the word game Feb 17, 2011

Now we are holding a "Straight Flush" game, an updated "Flush game". "Straight Flush" is almost the same as "Flush": write down the five (the number of phrases has increased from four) phrases that popped into your head.

Results of the 5th Minority Decides Game Feb 9, 2011

The Minority Decides is a nikoli original easygoing party game.

Look here for the results of the 5th Minority Decides Game.

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