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Unearthed! Oldest puzzles in the world, ever! Apr 1, 2012

On Apr 1, the Ancient Puzzles Research Commission of Kuramae (APRCK) unearthed a hoard of mysterious slates under the village ruins of NI-KO-LI (Taito-ku, Tokyo). The slates are thought to be as much as 12,000 years old. The slates were analyzed by the most advanced method the "trial conducted dead-end identification" procedures and were identified as Numberlink and Hitori puzzles. These puzzle are the oldest among the ones we can decipher and solve completely.

The commission has discovered about 20,000 slates with puzzles, which contain incomplete puzzles, half-solved puzzles, and wrong puzzles. We can clearly understand that many of inhabitants of this ruined community enjoyed Numberlink and Hitori puzzles at that time.

Here we release two puzzles unearthed among the ruins that are in a particularly good state. Nikoli has received special permission from Commission to publish these.

The slate of NumberlinkThe slate of Hitori

The oldest puzzle in the world

The answer of the oldest puzzle in the world

Sample solution
Sample solution

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