Results of the 1st Straight Flush Game

Here are the results of the 1st Straight Flush game held from Feb. 17, 2011 to Apr 5, 2011.

We updated this page on Apr 13, 06:20(UTC).

Now in the 1st Straight Flush Game 41 people are making entries from many countries. Thank you. We look forward to hear from you again in future games.

Champion of the 1st Straight Flush game

Please take a look at "The list of points for each phrase". The phrase (word this time) with the most points, "taj mahal", got the sympathy of 17 participants.

The five most often selected phrases were taj mahal, stonehenge, grand canyon, statue of liberty, and great barrier reef. But no one choose all of these 5 phrases.

Only "nickoli" chose the first and second major phrase taj mahal and stonehenge for A1 and A2 in the right order, and came out tops. CONGRATULATIONS! You got drawn first and you are the winner.

We will send the first prize, a original T-shirt, to "nickoli" so let us know what size you want. nickoli, please also tell us your true name and address, with post code, and we will get it off.

Results for all participants

This list has the points for all the participants. Remember the question was: "Please tell us five World Heritage Sites where you would like to go, in the order they are your favorites.".

RankingNicknameFive phrasesPoints
1nickolitaj mahalstonehengemachu picchuacropolisangkor340144656640655
2Rassilon6great wall of chinataj mahalgreat barrier reefstonehengeyellowstone national park1402721049930645
3joshuazuckertaj mahalangkorchichen itzathe great wallgreat barrier reef34064784480606
4GarethMtaj mahalpetraangkoreaster islandgreat barrier reef34096523380601
5dreahanpyramidsacropolisgreat wall of chinataj mahalstatue of liberty120969118780574
6JacquiOgreat wall of chinagreat pyramid of gizagrand canyontaj mahalstatue of liberty1403211718780556
7dlimpidtaj mahaleaster islandayers rockstonehengepyramids of giza34048139950550
8jackiegiza pyramidstaj mahalgreat wall of chinagrand canyonacropolis20272919960542
9AbsoluteZeroacropolisstonehengepyramids at gizagreat barrier reeftaj mahal1201441388170535
10Torch32great wall of chinagrand canyonstatue of libertystonehengesydney opera house1401441049920507
11Triceranarwhalyellowstone national parktaj mahalsydney opera housecarlsbad caverns national parkstonehenge60272261190459
12Francis Heaneythe great wallgalápagos islandstaj mahalstonehengeangkor80162219940456
13tamz29pyramidsgreat wall of chinamachu picchupetragrand canyon120112656690453
14ronaldxpyramidsstatue of libertygrand canyonuluruyakushima1201281175510430
15mpsprsstatue of libertyyellowstone national parkhiroshima peace memorialtaj mahalmammoth cave160481318710418
16ZedBeepyramids of gizagrand canyoneaster islandchichen itzapetra100144396660409
17esmeynypyramidsparisgreat barrier reef taj mahalgreat wall of china120161318770406
18IronOrchidthe great wallthe grand canyongreat barrier reeftaj mahalgalapagos islands801610418710397
19fbobpyramidsgreat wallcolosseummachu picchutaj mahal120161355170374
20flyingalphornpyramids (giza)taj mahalmont fujiuluruangkor vat20272135510370
21rdunlap1125petrajerusalemgrand canyonserengetichichen itza120321171160340
22yorivenicechichen itzaistanbulold town of lijiangtaj mahal40961311170330
23Constansgreat barrier reefthe great wallpetramemphis and its necropolishistoric centre of rome16064781110323
24wildTurkeypyramids of gizacologne cathedralstatue of libertychichen itzaacropolis of athens100321046620322
25Ana_Beapetrastonehengephilae abu simbelgiza120144131120308
26mimicgizagrand canyonmont saint michelulurumachu picchu40144135550302
27MrDeathpyramids of gizamachu picchuacropolisluxorjerusalem10080781120289
28jamattack1974west norwegian fjords new zealand sub-antarctic islandsgreat barrier reefstatue of libertypyramids20161048860288
29grahamcevansgreat barrie reefstonehengegiants causewaymont st michelgrand canyon20144131190278
30chaladaviegyptian pyramidsacropolis of athensstatue of libertychichen itzacologne cathedral20321046620242
31jiatjiatpyramids of gizast. petersburgtuscanyulurupersepolis, iran10016135510194
33JesterJgreat wall (china)versaillesvatican cityyellowstone national park (usa)great barrier reef2016131180140
34mgceotaj majalgreat pyramid of gizaviennasalzsbergvenice203213112096
35DoubtingApostleaapravasi ghatabu menaair and ténéré natural reservesaksumal qal'a of beni hammad201613111070
35Darkogreat wall, chinavictoria falls, zimbabwestonehenge, ukgreat barrier reef, australiataj mahal, india201613111070
35o-jusiawarsaw city centrebelgium city centretasmanian wildernessthallinian city centrefiord ilulissat201613111070
35katzmlancient thebesold town of ghadamesthe frankincense trailkairouanpunic town of kerkouane201613111070
35gudpalterra cotta army in xian, chinataj mahal in agra, indiamont st michel, francepetra, jordanborobudur temple, indonesia201613111070
35flarbearrapa nui national parkstonehenge, avebury and associated sitesiguacu national parkyosemite national parkhawaii volcanoes national park201613111070

The list of points for each phrase

taj mahal17
grand canyon9
great barrier reef8
statue of liberty8
great wall of china7
chichen itza6
machu picchu5
pyramids of giza5
the great wall4
easter island3
yellowstone national park3
acropolis of athens2
cologne cathedral2
great pyramid of giza2
sydney opera house2
aapravasi ghat1
abu mena1
abu simbel1
air and ténéré natural reserves1
al qal'a of beni hammad1
ancient thebes1
angkor vat1
ayers rock1
belgium city centre1
borobudur temple, indonesia1
carlsbad caverns national park1
egyptian pyramids1
fiord ilulissat1
galapagos islands1
galápagos islands1
giants causeway1
giza pyramids1
great barrie reef1
great barrier reef 1
great barrier reef, australia1
great wall1
great wall (china)1
great wall, china1
hawaii volcanoes national park1
hiroshima peace memorial1
historic centre of rome1
iguacu national park1
mammoth cave1
memphis and its necropolis1
mont fuji1
mont saint michel1
mont st michel1
mont st michel, france1
new zealand sub-antarctic islands1
old town of ghadames1
old town of lijiang1
persepolis, iran1
petra, jordan1
philae 1
punic town of kerkouane1
pyramids (giza)1
pyramids at giza1
rapa nui national park1
st. petersburg1
stonehenge, avebury and associated sites1
stonehenge, uk1
taj mahal in agra, india1
taj mahal, india1
taj majal1
tasmanian wilderness1
terra cotta army in xian, china1
thallinian city centre1
the frankincense trail1
the grand canyon1
vatican city1
victoria falls, zimbabwe1
warsaw city centre1
west norwegian fjords 1
yellowstone national park (usa)1
yosemite national park1

Messages from the participants

In this Straight Flush game, we asked for request messages "We would also like to hear your memories of World Heritage Sites you visited." Thank you for all the many messages.

4th place


So many in Australia. Visiting Kakadu national park is like travelling through a documentary. The barrier reef is remarkable, but go north of Cairns to Port Douglas for the best of it. The ancient rainforest in northern Queensland is a must.

6th place


It would be amazing to visit all of the World Heritage Sites, but who has the time or the money?

11th place


This a a message. I have been to the Great Wall of China and Statue of Liberty.

16th place


Living in Liverpool I get to see one every day, also visited several around the UK and in Ireland

17th place


When you respectfully take off your shoes at the entrance to the Taj Mahal you cross the patterned stone floor of marble and sandstone and you feel the pattern of cool marble and hot sand beneath your bare feet.

19th place


I think this contest will not work well because people will use too many different names for the same thing. I wonder if eastern and western players will choose different sites. The Heritage Sites I've been to are La Fortaleza in Puerto Rico, and the Statue of Liberty.

24th place


I like the new format with the different weighting of each answer, but I fear the answers to this question can be stated so many different ways, we'll all score 70 whether or not we'd visit the same sites. I'm from the east coast of the US, but I've never been to The Statue of Liberty. I have been to the Acropolis, and would love to go back someday!

27th place


30 down, 881 to go!

31st place


There are so many attractive heritages. It's hard to select five.

34th place


Really enjoyed the Grand Canyon and many places in America. Haven't seen too many outside America and would love to go.

Rules for the word game "Straight Flush".

For example, a phrase with 10 points will get a 200 score when you enter the phrase as Answer 1. Its score will be 130 when it is Answer 3. It is a good idea to write a phrase that will get a high point in the lower numbered answer column.

We will consider capital and small letters the same, but but singular and plural forms, spaces, or other little differences are judged as different. So "Blue bird" and "blue bird" are the same, but "Blue bird," "Blue birds," and "Bluebird" are all different.